Thursday, 23 October 2014

School Trip

Today   our Admin Ninja, Koral and I all got to go and check out Office Max. We were able to try out some of their furniture options and then were given a tour of the dispatch centre. Talk about teacher stationery heaven, oh for a free run of this place!

This is where the magic happens
They have an automated system which was incredible to watch - it felt a bit like being in a cross between the conveyor belt scene in Toy Story 3 and Charlie and Chocolate Factory.

The labels on boxes are scanned at various points on the line and exit the belt where the pickers select the items.
What I found to be really interesting, was that the pickers wear headsets which tell them which items need to be picked,  they then have to verbally respond before they get the next item. As part of the staff induction each picker has to create a 'voice response' template,  this can be in which ever language they choose, - a great example of personalising the work space.

I loved this machine - it creates paper tubes which are used to fill the empty spaces in the cartons - ever the junior teacher I want to see what kids would create with them. Our Admin Ninja has promised to save them from now on....

A paperless society - yeah right! This is but a small portion of the paper they supply.

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