Thursday, 20 November 2014


Another great ignite evening and as always the right people were in the room.

Seven presentations spanning a multitude of topics, it was great to see some new faces and first time presenters. Tino Leaupepe from the National Library gave a very moving and inspirational presentation around our perceptions of students ideals and the idea that you can make a difference to your learners by immersing them in things that are relevant to their needs.

The amazing OPS' very own Di (ignite newbie and now hopefully convert) together with Justine presented on their #GTASYD experiences - something I am planning to apply for next year. I am interested in learn more around design thinking.

The SOLO (structure of observed learning outcomes) presentation by Bridget reinforced my thinking around the potential of this as a learning tool something I'd like to investigate more when we have learners on board.

I gave a repeat performance of my very first Ignite presentation about the FISH philosophy - something I'm very passionate about both personally after discovering it around ten years ago. Hopefully this time I managed breathe and not race as quickly through it.
One thing I have realised the more I present is it's less about the presenter and more about the message - but being able to breathe is still required...

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