Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Austin's Butterfly

Last week at our team meeting I shared the Austin's Butterfly video with my team members (Thanks Anne Keaneally for the tip)- I was interested in the team's take on the clip, particularly after I had watched our learners create a picture of their time at OrmPS, TBH I was underwhelmed by their efforts.

As a team we decided it would be good to share the clip with our learners and teach them explicitly about giving specific feedback. We showed our learners the clip and then divided the learners into groups of between 15/18.

The task we set our learners was to view and recreate the logo of a superhero. I showed my group the Batman logo and gave them 5 minutes to draw it, after they had completed their first draft (not a first giraffe as I had to explain) They then had 3 minutes each to share some specific feedback on how they could improve their drawing, after which they had 5 minutes to create a second draft.

I loved how they all took to the task and was super impressed with the level of feedback they were giving each other in such a short space of time - I was particularly impressed by the learners who can be hard to engage. The difference between their first and second drawing was huge, surpassing my expectations on all counts. 

As a team we have decided to spend three learning blocks on this task with the ultimate aim of having them use their feedback skills on all areas of their learning.

I will be interested to see what they produce on their 6th draft and if they can/do actually use their feedback skills in other areas of their learning.


  1. Hi Caro,
    Thanks for the mention. Austin's Butterfly is an incredibly powerful clip. I am very excited to see you noticed such improvements when feedback was given and acted upon. How often do we really model giving feedback, receiving feedback and acting on feedback? Increasingly, this is a life skill that we really need to dedicate time and effort to! I would love to see the next attempts too! I always hear the very powerful words of the amazing Ewan McIntosh http://notosh.com/who-we-are/ewan-mcintosh/ ...give feedback during the process and we support leaners to success, give feedback at the end of the process and we can risk knocking the learner...
    Anne K

  2. Yes this has been fun to do and see the progress that the Learners have made over the time with their different drawings.

  3. Austin's Butterfly was a great video and I love the fact that the power of feedback can make such a difference. Some of the drawings show great effort and perseverance.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video with us Caro, it really had a big impact on me. I have enjoyed learning about feedback and helping the learners to develop this. I wonder how we can keep this process going with the learners over the rest of the term in LH4?