Monday, 2 November 2015

Phew - a short week

The week may have only had four school days in it but we certainly packed in loads! After our Tuesday iDesign we have made some tweeks to our morning design,  we will now stop at 10:15am to pack up, share our learning, and read our poem as well as our Whakatauki before we go out for iActive. 

LH4 is now doing iActive at the same time as the rest of the school, previously we had found it very time consuming to participate in iActive as it took us way too long to pack up and get organised to be out the door in time. It's a bit like going out with your first child,  you can't imagine going anywhere without at least a day's notice and a containership load of supplies - but by the third child you can leave in a minutes notice and survive with some tissues and a manky muesli bar you found at the bottom of your bag.

Anyhoo back to iActive - Some of my thinkings/questionings/wonderings around iActive are "do we need to stop and deliberately be active?" Are we not already really active enough during our learning day? 

Well gone, are the days of enforced sitting while we learn, and the learners in LH4 are constantly on the go - proven by the fact that when I am in the Habitat, my Fitbit reaches 10,000 steps by lunchtime at the latest. It would be interesting to try the FitBit on some of our 'never sit still' learners!

I'm wondering if perhaps we need to rethink the purpose of iActive/fitness,  to be more about participating and contributing rather than enforced being 'active'. John Hattie (yes Kyle, that was an H bomb!) once said about the research around activity increasing academic ability that 'sometimes the fat kids are better readers/writers etc because that's what they spend their time doing'  Something to consider, however, to be fair most of the research I've read states there is definitely a correlation between physical activity and cognitive function.

In our world of ILE learning maybe iActive/Fitness is something we need to consider re-ideating to be more inline with our vision of: 

Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning

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